11 Things You Can Do to Help With Police Brutality Part 2

  Through the media and real-life experiences, we have recognized that we have a global problem with racism, and specifically anti-black police brutality. Yet among all of the protests and violence and calls for change, many are left wondering, “what can I do?” We cannot all run non-profit organizations, or lead rallies, or join mass protests. But thanks to the internet and the innovative people of 2016, we have created ways for everyone to help bring change to this epidemic, whether you are black, white, or non-white. Whether you live in New York, London, or India. Whether you have been affected by this ongoing tragedy, or are just demanding of justice, we can and must all do something, as it is our responsibility as human beings.


The following are websites which can be visited to help bring change.


Take Action:


For Non-Black and/or White Allies:

Via @ Longreads Blog

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