About Us

July 6, 2016

 Alton Sterling.

 37 years old.

 Father of five.

 Hands empty.

 Murdered by a cop said to defend the people much like the very one lying on the asphalt in front of him, with bullets in his chest and his very life fading away.download (7)

 “This is what trauma feels like. This is what terror feels like. This is what a war zone feels like.”Kirsten West Savali

 Yet this is not the first.

 In 2015 alone, 102 black Americans were killed by a white police officer. Nearly twice a week a shooting of this kind occurred, and yet no serious actions have been taken. In 2016, it was a record year for these casualties. The President of the United States of America spoke out against this slaughter countless of times, and yet just the other day, two more lives were lost.

 These crimes are not just ordinary. They stem from the racial discrimination and hatred that is evident in our country. Recently, videos have surfaced depicting white men in the same situation, but the police officers did not react as violently. This goes to show that our police are racially flawed. They see a black man walking down the street and immediately begin questioning him, while to a white man they would respectfully wave.

 It is from these unstable times our non-profit organization begins.  We strive to not only bring change to African American communities, but to all minorities. Through our platform, we ask that you join us in creating change and help us move forward into a coexistent future.